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5 The World's Most Beautiful Natural Phenomena

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5 Most Beautiful Natural Phenomena In The World | Natural phenomena are very beautiful to look at, such as natural phenomena like rainbows. But perhaps we see a rainbow was used. How the Five Most Beautiful in the World Natural Phenomena following.

rainbow Moon

Rainbow occurs because the sun shines on droplets of dew, |

Posted By airlandz efarda2/24/2013

10 The phenomenon of Sky / Clouds Beautiful.

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10 The phenomenon of Sky / Clouds Beautiful. | The sky, the clouds, the sky always produce beautiful work, both in terms of formations, colors and artistic shapes. Behind the beauty of the store there is a sign of the coming of an event such as a disaster, storms or extreme weather. However, most of this phenomenon is a natural phenomenon that is very beautiful and amazing captured by the human eye. ok just please at Listen buddy ... : DFenomena langit yang indah dan menakjubkan.

10. Belt of venus

Belt of Venus (Venus belt) is a phenomenon that occurs in the Earth's atmosphere |

Posted By airlandz efarda2/21/2013

10 Interesting Facts About Our World

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10 Interesting Facts About Our World | Dude, we live place (earth), filled with interesting facts degan never boring to talk about. This fact leads to the overall composition is very supportive of life on Earth can take. So it is true that God says in the Qur'an, there is no creation in vain, all of which he created is to support our lives, ie humans.

As we know from the state of our planet, there are still new things are discovered every day. In fact, on most of the oceans, still have not been explored at all. This was due to our limitations as human beings, the existence of technology that does not exist, so there is no limit to the depth of the ocean to explore. However, with ongoing research, every day we get hundreds of new species.

Rainforest animals and plants present new every human conduct exploration. Earth is constantly changing, shifting, and exposing new secrets for humans to marvel. It took many years and a lot of great ideas to solve the problem of the Earth's atmosphere much less space. All business, all the time, always giving new facts.

In this opportunity, I collected ten amazing facts about our home, maybe some of us do not / have not been realized.

1. Earth's atmosphere

Posted By airlandz efarda2/03/2013