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Avatar Aang awakens on a captured Fire Nation ship with his friends, recovered from the ordeal in Ba Sing Se. They hear the horn of an approaching ship and make their way to the back, where they fight off firebending soldiers. Aang finds out about the plan to invade the Fire Nation during a solar eclipse, which will render the firebenders powerless. They realize they are in need of supplies, so they venture into a Fire Nation
town disguised as civilians. Afterward, they discover a Fire Nation Army factory is polluting and hurting the people of a village called Jang Hui. Aang and Katara use waterbending to destroy the factory and save the village. In doing this however, they catch the attention of General Mung, whom they must defeat.

totally new way to play. Fire, balls, rocks and water can all be picked up by holding the B button and are guided using the Wii remote provided there is a nearby source. Aang can form an "air ball" (sphere of high winds) to break down obstacles and blow away objects by making a circle with the Wii Remote. Toph can lift up earth and throw it, pull earth out of walls and lift it up to make pillars. Katara can Bend water to put out fires and can freeze it into a block by shaking the Nunchuck. Ice can also be pulled out of water falls and ice pillars can be made. Zuko can guide fire and burn things. Aang is unique, in that he can bend all four elements, although he only fights using Airbending. Sokka however throws his boomerang when the B button is pressed

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